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Exchange Traded Fund Constituents

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Monthly Reports of New and Removed ETFs

Index and ETF constituent lists  Subscriber Downloads - Current Constituent Lists
       (All index and US traded ETF constituent lists updated daily)

MasterDATA currently compiles 1638 US and global indexes and US traded ETFs. 
As a subscriber, daily updated .csv datafiles are available for download using the links below.  Secure FTP access will be set up for your account.
Download link for the daily updated constituent lists via http:

ETF fundamental values such as ETF description, ETF leverage, number of constituents in ETF, ETF type, etc.

List of indexes and ETFs currently in constituent list file

Archived constituent list datafiles starting July, 2009, are located here:
http://www.masterdatareports.com/Reports/Archive/ConstituentListsArchive (These files are now located on a separate server.  For access, please request same).

Individual constituent list files:
http://www.masterdatareports.com/Reports/Individual-Constituent-Lists (These files are now located on a separate server.  For access, please request same).

FTP Access - S ubscribers may also access the current data via ftp at the fdollowing URL:
(same username (plus add "@masterdatareports.com ")and password)

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ETF Constituents